Easy Tiger Bib


A super cute muslin bib in our Easy Tiger print.

In Chinese culture, the tiger is an emblem of dignity, ferocity and courage. They are also a symbol of protection and often seen on clothing to assure safekeeping. Our Easy Tiger print features baby tiger cubs amongst lush greens and peonies; an ode to this magnificent creature, while keeping our little ones safe and sound at the same time.

Each baby bib has a different ribbon trim for the ties. Designs are chosen at random depending on the selection we have for the season.

Bibs measure at 8" wide, 9" tall and secured with 10" ribbon trimmings.


The Rasa Sayang Initiative by Kit+Un is lovingly handsewn in Singapore by stellar mothers who want to create a positive impact in the community. All items are produced in limited quantities and sewn out of our remnant organic fabric.

We are committed to creating a positive cycle of giving, and customers can be confident that with every product purchased from the Rasa Sayang Initiative, at least 30% of the retail price goes directly to the women behind these products.

Meet the mum behind this season’s range of accessories:
Rosalind is no stranger to non-profit work. After she lost her daughter in 2016, she started her own non-profit, Angel Hearts, to support other parents who were going through the same grief that she went through. Along the way, she picked up sewing as a hobby and fell in love with the process. Her latest non-profit Project Wellness was born during the Covid-19 pandemic and has donated over 20,000 masks to front liners and the visually impaired community. To support other stay-home mothers like herself, she has also launched Hsuen, a social enterprise to selling handsewn accessories to support fellow mothers with a monthly stipend.

I am inspired by many of our volunteers who continued to give their time, skills and efforts despite ongoing personal challenges such as grief and financial instability. I hope that Hsuen can continue to grow to support them. I am thankful for this collaboration with Kit+un and hope to journey together.” - Rosalind