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Our story


Let them sleep, for when they wake, they will move mountains.”


kit+un (pronounced kitten) is a play on two important people’s names – baby Kit and baby Yun. Born a month apart, they were friends before they even knew it because their mothers, (also the co-founders of kit+un), are second-generation friends – their fathers have been painting the town red since they were teens.

Launched in 2020 (amidst all the craziness), kit+un is all about bringing a touch of elegance and whimsy into your home. We believe in surrounding ourselves with beauty, kindness and love - and what better place to start than at home. We call Singapore home and our collection of products celebrate the colours, legends and stories of this tropical city and the greater grounds of Asia.

From lush botanicals, to soaring cranes, we hope to bring a little bit of magic to your everyday.

Our kit+un logo represents a dining table surrounded by 4 chairs. To us, the dining table is the centre of a home. It’s where families gather over food at various times of the day, sharing about their day, reminiscing about good times, supporting each other through tougher times, where hopeful plans for the future are hatched, where ideas are exchanged, challenged, grown, and sometimes, come to fruition – just like the dream of kit+un.

For the kit+un team, the dining table is now the site where ideas come to life, plans are scribbled across multiple pieces of paper; boxes are packed, products are folded and then re-folded again; countless phone calls spent pacing round the table whilst accompanied by cakes and many cups of coffee. It’s where two shy kids became friends - the dining table is where it all began for us.