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Easy Tiger Baby Wrap



A breathable and soft baby wrap in our Easy Tiger print.

Perfect as a swaddle for infants, our multi-use baby wrap promises to grow with your baby. It is large enough to be a breastfeeding cover for mamas on the go, great as a blanket for older children – it can even be a fort for endless adventures! Our muslin is soft yet has enough texture to ensure a snug swaddle each time. For more tips on swaddling, check out our tips below.

In Chinese culture, the tiger is an emblem of dignity, ferocity and courage. They are also a symbol of protection and often seen on clothing to assure safekeeping. Our Easy Tiger print features baby tiger cubs amongst lush greens and peonies; an ode to this magnificent creature, while keeping our little ones safe and sound at the same time.

Tips for Swaddling:

  • Swaddling helps your newborn feel a great sense of security as she adjusts to life outside the womb
  • Swaddling can help to calm her startle reflex and stops her flailing her arms and legs, which can cause her to wake up
  • It is important to swaddle baby snugly without any loose bits around which can be a suffocation risk
  • For more tips on safe swaddling, check this out


Size: 120 cm x 120 cm.

Material: 100% organic cotton muslin.

Care: Cold machine wash.

Designed in Singapore. Made in India.