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Kit+Un + SoS Special: Out & About Essentials Kit


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This nifty kit has been curated by Sayang Our Skin especially for Kit+Un, catered for busy mums out there. It's compact, portable and contains all the essentials you'll need for a day out with your bubba!

Easy Tiger Baby Wrap

Perfect as a swaddle for infants, our multi-use baby wrap promises to grow with your baby. It is large enough to be a breastfeeding cover for mamas on the go, great as a blanket for older children – it can even be a fort for endless adventures! Our muslin is soft yet has enough texture to ensure a snug swaddle each time. For more tips on swaddling, check out our tips below.

Size: 120 cm x 120 cm.

Material: 100% organic cotton muslin.

Care: Cold machine wash.


Agape Nature Salt Rescue 004 Non-Toxic Spray (100mL premixed)

Looking for a gentle, non-abrasive way to clean your hands and surfaces? Salt Rescue 004 is a rinse-free wash that is convenient, portable and easy to use! Made from non-toxic aqueous chlorine dioxide that is generated through electrolysis using food-grade salt and pure water. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) disinfects through oxidation, a process that denatures the cellular structure of bacteria and microbes, rendering them inactive. It doubles up as a non-drying, gentle hand sanitiser and surface cleaner.


Melvory's Baby Bum Balm 30mL

For many babies, the most common skincare product used on them is a nappy cream. Portable and compact, this 100% natural, nourishing organic diaper balm soothes and protects the delicate diaper area.

This balm is also effective for cradle cap. Apply a small amount onto baby’s scalp 1-2 hours before bath time. The balm softens the scales and can be removed gently in the bath using a wet wash cloth.

This product does not contain essential oils. Hence it can be used as an overall moisturiser for newborns and also for people sensitive to essential oils.


Melvory's Mozzie Balm 10mL

Packed in a cute little jar that fits into any handbag or nappy bag so that parents can immediately come to the rescue should a mosquito or insect land on our baby’s precious skin.

Suitable from 4 months and above.

How to use: Apply immediately onto the skin once a bite has been spotted. The earlier it is applied, the better the results. Reapply every 4-6 hours to keep the itch at bay.

Texture: Silky smooth balm
Smells like: Lemongrass and lavender